about us

All started in 2011, setting up a wireless network with which an Intranet was created, managing to have all kinds of Multimedia files available seconds away, trying to put a VoIP service, and in the process it became a WISP, although the SAMBA, Multimedia, Stream and Lan functions were preserved. The system went on to automation; from a basic self-management of Bandwidth, to a network conglomerate that operates almost autonomously without necessary human supervision.

It was necessary to find suppliers of more profitable hardware logistically and economically, in this new way we noticed that the commercial competition in South America is scarce, it was understood that it would not be possible to find a responsible supplier.

CO-Dynamics brings together a number of technologies and we are pleased to have and offer a wide capacity of logistically responsible and economically fair solutions, in the field of Solar Energy, wireless systems in Telecommunications, assembly and construction of braced structures, shelters overground / underground, among other accessories.

CO-Dynamics is also dedicated to research. Using reverse engineering, association or support for projects, we believe we can progressively improve by coupling each idea and achieving a better technological solution.


Press questions, please refer to Sebastian Cold B. CEO

For technical questions, please whit Mauricio Bustinza C. CTO

Trade and sales please call or write to Leonardo Aquila A. COO

Sector sales Bolivia  CSO

Sector sales Uruguay


We try as much as possible that our designs are practical and robust, although we know that they are not 100% effective.
If you want to play, practice or help us. You can indicate security failures on our websites, networks, and plans through co-dyna@yandex.com
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